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Relax & Unwind mixed berry flavour powder for kids with calcium & magnesium 10 sachets

sku: kru010

For any time of the day but really effective as a wind down drink just before bed time
Great for your active little ones to support their busy lives
Also protects their bones during the important early years
Specifically contains calcium for normal growth and development in children and magnesium for the maintenance of normal bones
Great way to relax your kids after a busy day
With theanine, the natural amino acid which is known to aid calm and relaxation
Delicious mixed berry flavoured drink, free from artificial sweeteners.
Do not feed xylitol to dogs; if consumed seek veterinary advice

One sachet (9.4g) typically provides:

1.25µg Vitamin D2, 78.3mg Vitamin C, 120mg Calcium, 90mg Magnesium, 50mg Theanine, 301mg Citric Acid, 14mg Malic Acid.

Suggested intake:

Blend one sachet into a mug of preferably hot, or cold, water until it dissolves. For children over 3 years.