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Repertory of 20 Meditative Provings

sku: bk835

Ayahuasca, Bayleaf, Berlin Wall, Chalcancite, Clay, Emerald, Eryngium Mar (Sea Holly), Fagus-Purp. (Copper Beech), Goldfish, Ilex-Aq, Lumbricus-T. Medorrhinum-American, Oak, Obsidian (black), Purple, Rose-quartz, Salix-Frag.(Crack Willow), Sea Salt (Winchelsea), Strawberry, Sycamore Seed - as proved by the Guild of Homoeopaths - now in repertory format, preceded by brief descriptions of the remedies themselves & clinical experiences with them.
Very useful addition to the literature about the new, meditatively proved remedies.

ISBN: 0954554000
Author: S. Palmer