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Salt Of The Earth Crystal  Deodorant Spray 100ml Bioforce

sku: crys-s

This natural deodorant is made purely from Potassium alum, a mineral salt known to be antibacterial and for natural odour protection. It works by leaving a thin layer of mineral salts on the skin.
Benefits and features of Natural Deodorant Stick:

Anti-odour and antibacterial
Economical to use
Not tested on animals
Free from Aluminium chlorohydrate, alcohol, CFC’s, propellents, parabens
No white marks on clothes
Perfume free
Does not interfere with homoeopathic medicines
Suitable for vegetarian and vegans
100% natural mineral salt

These natural minerals are odour inhibiting, giving you long lasting protection. No embarrassing white marks left on your clothes!

Potassium alum

Apply onto damp skin after washing at least once every 24 hours. Or, wet the stone and apply to clean dry skin. Dry the stone after use and it will last for months.