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Wondrous Order Systematic Table of Homeopathic Plant Remedie...

This stupendous work on the plant kingdom tabulates its subjects' themes accordi...


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Wondrous Order Intro.Table of Plants

If you would like to see a map to the human condition expressed botanically, the...


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Wolf (The)

In this mythological and comparative study of the wolf the author takes you on a...


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Web Spinners (The - Indian Ed)

Fascinating study of spiders in general, & mat. med. of 8: Aranea: D, Scin, & T...


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Veronica Carbonica A Homeopathic Ditty - SALE (Was £4.95)

Veronica Carbonica (Calc Carb) has been told by the doctor to lose weight for he...


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Twelve Jewels

12 precious and sem-precious gemstones made into homoeopathic remedies, proved, ...


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Toxic Relationship Cure (The)

Do you have a problem friend, parent - or boss? In this entertaining series of s...


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Thuja Occidentalis (Cases & Analysis)

Cases & analysis emphasise the depths of psychic isolation within the thuj...


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Tegenaria Atrica

Cases, concepts, & the doctrine of signatures all discussed in this thorough in...


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Synoptic Reference 2

The third of 4 volumes in the new Prisma series. Here - fleshed out yet succinct...


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Synoptic Reference 1

The second of 4 volumes in the new Prisma series. Here - fleshed out yet succinc...


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Survival The Reptile (Vol 1 & Vol 2)

The characteristic qualities of each of the reptile families is explored and ill...


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Survival (The Mollusc)

This beautifully presented, colour photo-illustrated Materia Medica of the Mollu...


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Studies Of Homoeopathic Remedies

Dr. Douglas Gibson (1888 - 1977) was a distinguished homoeopath who recognised t...


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Spirit Of Homeopathic Medicines

This renowned French homeopath traces the common thread connecting our physical ...


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Spiders - Suspended Between Earth & Sky

Fascinating exploration of the realm of spiderhood - suspended between earth and...


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Spider and Scorpion Remedies

Often mistrusted, sometimes loathed, these creeping, crawling creatures are amon...


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Solanum Tuberosum

Similar to Hyoscyamus, Stramonium and Belladonna, but with its own picture, this...


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Sub-titled "The Nightmare Between Light and dark", An extremely interesting, p...


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Snakes To Simillimum

Fascinating very useful account, (many clear keynote & clinically tested sym...


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Snakes - Drawing Power From The Underworld

In his series exploring realms in nature and their reflection in the homoeopat...


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