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Helios is proud to have been the sole UK distributor for Sanum-Kehlbeck’s range of human, veterinary and cosmetic products since 1996. Sanum-Kehlbeck GmbH  Co. KG has been established since 1975 and is a family run German homoeopathic pharmaceutical company.

Their excellent manufacturing facility produces unique, high quality, microbial remedies in low X potencies. These are available in drops, tablets, capsules, ointments, eye drops, suppositories and ampoules.

There are 440 products sold under the brand names of Sanum-Kehlbeck and its two sister companies Biofrid and Mastavit.
The various ranges are:
• Fungal Isopathic remedies based on the research of Prof. Dr. Günther Enderlein
• Potentised Bacterial remedies
• Potentised haptens called the Sanukehl remedies
• Potentised Polysans based on the research of Dr. med Carl Spengler
• Alkalising Alkala and pH test papers
• L+ Lactic acid and metabolic products
• Nutritional and probiotic supplements
• Potentised Organ remedies
• Potentised Mineral remedies
• Potentised Herbal remedies
• Diagnostic products
• Unique Didier ® Moisturising cream with Germanium, natural Skincare Creams and Organic Essential oils that support both health and beauty
• Books and Multimedia on Sanum remedies, pleomorphism and darkfield microscopy