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These Sun Sign Essences have been created with the healing Chalice Well spring water in the area know as The Glastonbury Zodiac or Star Temple in Somerset, an area that spans around 10 miles across. The zodiac is shaped by roads, rivers, earthworks and hills that can only be seen in from high above and was, as far as known, first mentioned by Alchemist and Astrologer John Dee in Elizabethan times, but dates back much further.
Each sign in the Glastonbury Zodiac corresponds to our natal Sun sign.

These essences were created to strengthen and balance the positive qualities of your Sun Sign or Star Sign which determines your inner will and path.

Each person has a path and purpose on earth. Your path is shown through your Sun Sign. We need to grow into our Sun Sign in order for our spirit to grow. Our Sun Sign energy corresponds to the heart, and the heart is they key to an inspired, happy, loving, joyful and healthy life. For more detailed information please go to www.starsignature.co.uk.