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Seven Day Allergy Makeover ( The )

sku: bk2052

Nutritional expert explores the many causes of allergy - from the food we eat to toxins, including heavy metals, in the environment. In this step-by-step approach you will learn how to eliminate allergens from 7 key areas of your life, from the food you eat, through the water you drink, the air you breathe, and the stress that can overwhelm you. She expands the usual narrow definition of allergy as an immediate histamine response, to embrace a much wider concept of something underlying an insidious reaction, such as bloating or tiredness, over time. She refines this definition further by applying it especially to those who have "Sympathetic Dominance" in whom the adrenal system is especially depleted. Full of tips and advice, including web- sites, this very clear and empowering guide will inspire you to take control of your allergies and to experience a new, free, energised you!

ISBN: 9780399166242
Author: Dr. S. Bennett