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Superfit Tree SF10 - Inj.ry

When we are spiritually wounded, our
bodies reflect that pain   in the form of wrinkles and changes in our
physical appearance.  This, in turn, acts as a domino effect, affecting
how we think, feel, act and react in response to the stresses and issues
in our daily lives.  For individuals who have been seriously hurt by
life – emotionally and spiritually, this silver frequency can help.  Our
physical bodies are tied to our spiritual bodies by means of a silver
thread which pulsates with life.  Even in peak athletic condition, our
ability to do something as simple as movement depends on the fluidity of
our ligaments and tissues.  Our emotional well-being depends on this
same flexibility. Ponderosa Pine and Silver Birch tree essence operate
on this same vibrational frequency that encourages spiritual recovery,
which in turn lends itself to a more supple, healthy body.  It also
works to restore natural beauty and vitality by harnessing this
powerful  energy.