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Superfit Tree SF6 - Digest

Our bodies are truly marvels of
organic engineering.  Absorbing nutrients from the food we eat is one of
the key components that allow us to thrive.  When digestion is
weakened, due to additives, chemicals, artificial sweeteners and
flavourings, pesticides and other toxins, our bodies’ ability to perform
the necessary processes to maintain optimum health is severely
diminished.  The toxins in our food are often absorbed by the liver, but
mankind is not meant to eat synthetically, hence liver health is
degraded if changes in diet are not made.  Side effects of long-term
ingestion of the aforementioned synthetic toxins include behavioural
disorders, violence, anger aggression, loss of self control (temper
tantrums in children), poor digestion and poor overall health.  Yew tree
essence, together with a healthy diet and exercise helps to promote
healthy digestion by resolving these difficulties and cleansing the mind
of toxic disruptions which has an overall cascading effect on the body.