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Silent Pain

sku: BK2037

Helen Germanos describes her dark journey with the experience of Chronic fatigue. This suddenly descended after a complete breakdown in her health following a prolonged period of stress and anxiety. Helen details exciting new research into the underlying mechanism of the Vagus nerve - showing how it can become disrupted by stress, which then gives rise to a whole host of further problems that deepen and disrupt health as the Autonomic nervous System spirals out of control.
Helen recommends strategies to overcome this system collapse, including complementary health and healing therapies, supplements, and diet. On a spiritual level, she examines our chakra / energetic system, and suggests that  CFS or ME provide an opportunity for spiritual growth as you reflect on what has given rise to this complete breakdown, and how you need to reform and reframe your life. Helpful, informative and empowering.

ISBN: 9781784621438
Author: H. Germanos

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