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sku: bk1615

Sub-titled "The Nightmare Between Light and  dark", An extremely  interesting, penetrating  account  of the Solananceae & their wild, angry acting-out, often compensated for in various ways (for example - by being over rational & controlled). These general themes are discussed both in relation to the better known of the Solanaceae (Eg: Belladonna, Stramonium, Hyoscyamus), as well as to less common ones such as Mandragora, Solanum Nigrum and Tabacum. Discussion is not limited to  the Solananaceae family. Other remedies - such as Lyssin, Gallic  Acid and Tanacetum, which share fundamental themes are considered as well.
The  author gives a meticulous  analysis of his cured cases. The whole work is interwoven with a renaissance awareness of science, philosophy, art, classical literature and mythology, all bringing a richness and depth to our understanding of these remedies.

ISBN: 9788888799018
Author: M. Mangialavori