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Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems

sku: BK2084

Dr. Richard Ferber is the world's leading paediatric sleep authority. In this book you will find advice tailored to meet even the most intractable sleep problem in your child.
Sharing his knowledge of the different sleep cycles (REM and non-REM), and what stage in the night they occur the author will help you to pinpoint certain sleep behaviours in your child, and so identify a possible solution to them.
As well as sleep difficulties, he examines allied problems - such as a child's inability to sleep in their own room, or outside the parent's bed -  and bed-wetting.
He covers nightmares, confusional events (eg: sleep walking), general anxieties and fears, and learned bad habits.
Help your child:

* Fall asleep quickly and easily
* Sleep peacefully all night long
* Self-settle if s/he wakes
* Go down easily for daytime naps
* Overcome bed-wetting and night-time fears.

Should be every new parent's bed-time bible!

ISBN: 9780091948092
Author: Dr. R. Ferber