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Source In Homeopathy ( The )

sku: bk1763

This method is a refinement of the Bombay one - detailing how to trace the stream of a patient's story to its very source. This is achieved by noting especially what the author describes as "Irregularities" ( or idiosyncrasies ) in someone's speech, gestures, or demeanour - and remaining extremely patient and open-minded whilst encouraging him/her to express more and more and more so you can prescribe less and less and less!

The process and its results are quite astonishing - illustrated by cases and using remedies of cosmic origin such as Sol. Helium, Positronium, Meteorite, Brass, Volcano, Geyser, and precious stones.

Once given, even a substance with no proving picture (as yet) within standard homoeopathic texts, is shown to act most powerfully as the Simillimum - bringing about profound healing even in serious illness. Exciting and inspirational - for all interested in the Bombay method and variations.

ISBN: 9783939931188
Author: Irene Schlingensiepen-Brysch