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Spider and Scorpion Remedies

sku: BK1932

Often mistrusted, sometimes loathed, these creeping, crawling creatures are amongst the most distinctive Animal remedies in the homeopathic materia medica. Exploiting his zoological background and extensive clinical experience, Jonathan Hardy offers a vivid and intriguing portrait of the Arachnid group and its members, from amongst his adult and child clients. He gives a clear overview of the species, and differentiates between sub-species of spiders and scorpions, giving insight into how you might prescribe for your own patients. Themes such as humour, cruelty, restlessness, eating disorders, problems around parents, and violence (spiders), alienation, wildness, cruelty and violence (scorpions) are explored in detail. Nevertheless, this series of case studies is very lucidly presented, and will give you a very good picture of the type of person needing a remedy from this fascinating corner of the Animal kingdom. Colourful photographs of each spider or scorpion described further enliven the text.

ISBN: 9783955820497
Author: J. Hardy