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Spiritual Alchemy

sku: bk803

We are in the age of the Great Shift: time to adjust our lenses & focus on a light matrix which informs us all. How to engage with this new alchemy, so that the unfinished business we have brought forward into our current lifetime can unfold its petals, flower, and bloom. This flowering from one lifetime reaches forward into the next, enabling our potential to expand further and yet further until we no longer need to re-enact any more life times, and our perfected Being becomes absorbed within the source of all light. This profound, wise, enlightened work explores the conflicts and shadows we all hold onto - showing how the way through them - frequently the one
we avoid at all costs - is that with which we need to engage. Drawing from the stories, culture and symbolism of native American culture, awareness of the chakras, alchemy, numerology, and sacred geometry, the author creates a richly satisfying work to help you explore and deepen your understanding of the resonance of your own current lifetime. Would make a wonderful gift.

ISBN: 0852073712
Author: Dr. C. Page