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We all suffer stress to some degree or another - some of us  without even knowing it. In this very helpful, clear, practical guide, two nutritional experts have compiled a complete programme for you to to feel calmer, healthier and fitter within as little as a month. Learn to identify stress triggers and negative belief systems. Halt Anxiety and panic attacks. Sleep well. Increase energy levels and avoid the sugar trap with energising food and feel-good nutrients. Manage your time better and build resilience against stress. The technique "Heartmath", based on a deceptively simple breathing exercise, has been shown to help with high blood pressure and other stress-related conditions, and is fully described in this book. There is a wealth of resources, photo-copyable worksheets to assess progress, (for example, your own stress log), as well as recipe suggestions.
Helpful, empowering resource to put you on the road to a new, dynamic, healthy You!

ISBN: 9780349405483
Author: P. Holford / S. Lawson

sku: bk2057