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Survival (The Mollusc)

sku: bk1717

This beautifully presented, colour photo-illustrated Materia Medica of the Molluscs is inspirational and enriching.

Their behaviour and habitat is shown to extend far beyond what is currently perceived in Sepia alone - although a whole detailed chapter on cuttlefish behaviour will expand your awareness of that particular remedy!

Read about keywords, hand gestures, and sensations that the Bombay School have researched so thoroughly and in-depth.

There are many illustrative cases highlighting the general behaviour of this family and characteristics peculiar to each group and sub-group - from Bivalves such as Oyster, Mussel and Pearl tho' Gastropods ( eg: Cowry), to Cephalopods, incorporating Cuttlefish, Squid and Octopus.

A feast for eye, heart, and mind!

ISBN: 9788190631648
Author: R. Sankaran / S. Baldota