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Surviving With Natural Remedies

sku: bk743

Practical information on surviving emergency situations. Specific coverage including nuclear fall-out; chemical poisoning; biological warfare & natural disasters such as earthquakes. Remedies suggested for post-traumatic stress.

Full description of how to make herbal and use homeopathic remedies. Incorporates a Materia Medica of the most useful remedies and is fully indexed so you can easily look up, for example, smallpox.

Written by a natural health practitioner with many years experience in the field. Specially useful for aid workers - but also concerned citizens.

5% of cover price donated to Frontline Homeopathy , a registered charity providing homoeopathic treatment & education in developing countries suffering the effects of war, natural disaster and poverty.
( www.frontline.org )

ISBN: 1874581320
Author: S. Curtis