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Tall Mulla Mulla 15ml Australian Bush Essence

sku: abtallm

This essence is for people who are not at ease being with others. They prefer their own company and enjoy being alone but miss out on the emotional growth that interaction with others can bring. On an emotional level there is not much 'circulating with people', as it feels too troublesome and uncomfortable. They do not easily mix with others. They prefer to be alone where they know their own environment and can avoid confrontation with others. They will often go to any length to keep the peace even if it means agreeing to or saying things they don't believe. They do not breath in life deeply for they prefer holding on to the familiar rather than being open to the new

Negative Condition ill at ease, sometimes fearful of circulating and mixing with others, loner, distress by and avoids confrontation,

Positive Outcome feeling relaxed and secure with other people, encourages social interaction,