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Three Trees - Survivors On Earth

sku: bk1753

The Dream provings of 3 ancient trees.

The World Tree (Diospyros Kaki Creveld) survived the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki at the end of World War II, and the themes of radiation, trauma, and fire expressed in the proving are shown to be helped by this remedy in cases encompassing radio and chemo therapy treatment for cancer, and various forms of trauma - esp. involving fire and/or war.

The Two-Leaf-Cannot-Die Tree (Welwitschia Mirabilis ) grows in the desert of Namibia, believed to be where modern man originated. The proving expresses transformation and a sense of duality, especially between good and evil, light and dark, male and female - (No cases).

Bristlecone Pine ( Pinus Longaeva ) from California, thought to be the longest lived species of tree on the planet, brings out the themes of connectedness and lack of connectedness - to Time, the Cosmso, the rhythms of the earth, and so on.

It is thought that these themes could be of relevance to the treatment of such burn-out or disconnected states as ME, Autism, withdrawal, loneliness, and depression. (No cases).

A summary of the dream themes is presented in repertory format at the end of each proving - enabling you to check quickly for relevance in your own cases. This is a thorough, well-presented and useable trio of provings of ancient trees for a modern practice.

ISBN: 9789080839250
Author: M. Creveld

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