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Total Sour Cherry Concentrate 500ml Lamberts

sku: 8602-500

The unique benefits of sour cherries (not to be confused with sweet cherries) first came to light in the 1990s, when numerous studies were published concerning the antioxidant content of this fruit. Further research has identified the active antioxidants as eight polypholic compounds, including anthocyanidins and quercetin.

As well as potent antioxidants, anthocyanidins have been purported from studies to also possess anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore it has been shown from studies on sour cherries that particular compounds found in these fruits may inhibit the inflammatory pathways associated with uric acid production.

Toetal™ is a sour cherry concentrate that has been carefully processed to ensure the powerful antioxidant properties are retained.

Sour cherries are thankfully not however a reflection of the taste of Toetal™, which is naturally sweetened with red grape and apple. Indeed this great tasting concentrate has certainly gone down well in taste trials and is sure to prove popular in your practice.

A tasty cherry concentrate carefully processed to ensure that the powerful antioxidant properties associated with sour cherries are retained.

Cherries contain some of the highest levels of anthocyanins of any fruit and Lamberts use sour cherries as they are a richer source of these precious compounds.

Anthocyanins give cherries their deep rich red colour, and are believed to be the most active type of flavonoid.

Contains: Sour Cherry Juice Concentrate, Red Grape Juice Concentrate and Apple Juice Concentrate & Potassium Sorbate