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Toward The Light (Rescuing Spirits)

sku: BK2071

Experienced Medium and Spirit Rescue worker describes how you can identify and help release earthbound spiritual energies safely. She examines and explains the difference between these and "Residual Energy", and  what you can do about both.
She emphasises the desirability of training yourself via a reliable Medium experienced in such work, and to work with others in a Rescue Group. She also outlines psychic protection techniques and tools, including particular crystals, for a wide variety of spiritual activity.
She is very clear about Energies that she feels are beyond the scope of this book and the importance, in these cases, of finding someone capable of performing an exorcism.
She shows how important it is to develop and nurture our compassion towards souls who remain earthbound, rather than wallow in the spine-chilling hysteria promoted by sensationalist literature and film.
The lessons that she herself has learned through her many years of contacting and helping spirits is the importance of living your life as fully and as non-fearfully as possible, and to tell the people that you are closest to that you love them! This last is expressed as the most frequent, deepest source of regret, among spirits who have not properly passed, and a major cause for their remaining earthbound.
A wise and helpful guide to spiritual contact.

ISBN: 9781632650009
Author: A. Major