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Towards The Light - Growing through Grief

sku: BK2013

Who has not been, or will not be, touched by death? And yet, this universal experience which affects us all is often not even aired, let alone openly discussed. The author, himself deeply affected by the death of his son and his father, redresses this, examining how to approach death with that vital missing element: honesty. He discusses different ways in which people may be affected by death, depending on their age and stage in life - especially the devastating effect the death of a parent can have on a child or adolescent, with suggested ways of handling this. He advocates creative activities like journalling, drawing, or painting to put you in touch with, as well as to discharge, difficult feelings. The deaths of different people impact differently on an individual / family - according to whether the person is a sibling, parent, grandparent, child, unborn child, and so on. Particularly shocking deaths such as suicide or murder are covered. The healing power of prayer and personal meditation are emphasised, and  a particularly beautiful and powerful guided visualisation for your own healing is included. A helpful, practical,comprehensive, life-affirming examination of grief and the grief process.

ISBN: 9780855723866
Author: M. Metzger