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Treat Your Child  Yourself

sku: bk1647

Distillation of many years' clinical expertise gives parent the benefits of quickly consulting this very clear, alphabetical home-help/desk-top guide for a wide range of conditions - from Anaemia to Wounds. Written by 2 very experienced and practical-minded Australian homoeopaths. There is a brief introduction explaining the history, the many benefits of, and how to use homeopathy. Each complaint has a suggestion of supplementary herbal, topical, or other measures alongside the homoeopathic - and there are numerous appendices with useful info. For example: how to test your child for excess acidity; alkaline & acid foods; suggested remedies to stock for Ear Nose & Throat or Gastro-Intestinal problems in particular - or First Aid in general; allergy-testing, and tissue salts. Extremely informative, comprehensive and succinct.

ISBN: 9780975247327
Author: J. Gamble & N. Hermiston