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Triad Method

sku: BK2025

Experienced and inspired homeopath who has been treating HIV/AIDS patients in the tiny township of Maun, Botswana, since 2002. This book extremely clearly conveys the methodology she adopted in order to treat the layers of disease and suppression in a small rural community of people decimated by these killer illnesses,  often living under huge adversity: poverty, hunger and trauma frequently being their daily experience of life.
She explains how she would give repeated doses of three different remedies on a weekly basis, to cover the acute, fundamental and miasmatic layer of these diseases. Taking her cue from Eizayaga, she nevertheless adapted his approach to enable a speedier un-layering of disease - one that has proved extremely effective. Her shorter case examples are supported by 4 in-depth cases at the back of the book which, together with research by the University of Lancaster, all point to the success of her method. It has also proved effective amongst patients in the U.K, and the author has  won an award for her work.
If  you want a user-friendly, very clear, well-written and effective methodology in your own practice - especially helpful with serious, long-term, chronic pathology, then this approach is for you.

ISBN: 9781874581338
Author: H. Fairclough