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Trituration Handbook (The)

sku: bk1748

Guides you completely through the alchemical process of triturating a remedy yourself - showing how, especially in a group, a totality will emerge with an emphasis on physical, emotional, mental , spiritual, collective, archetypal, universal.... (or other symptom category), according to which stage of trituration is reached. The higher the level, the greater the emphasis seems to be on non-material concerns. Examines how the idea of a 4th stage trituration (C4) came into being via the tenacity, research, and joined-up inspiration of Witold Ehrler and Jurgen Becker during the 90's. Hahnemannian triturations only reach the 3rd stage, which, broadly speaking, represents the mental level. The 4th level triturations (and higher) seem to enable patients to embark on clearing destructive patterns from their lives , where previously well-selected remedies had failed. There is a very thorough description of every stage; what equipment is needed and where to source it; how to derive a centesimal remedy from a trituration; special centesimal potencies based around the alchemically significant number 6; and the process of triturating 5 remedies in particular, (including Calendula and Carcinosin), with each trituration having a specific question posed; for example, in the case of Calendula: Is there a deeper or broader use beyond that expressed in the acute proving if the substance is triturated beyond stage 3? A measured assessment of the result to each question is included , based on the experiences of those participating in the trituration. What is especially impressive is the intellectual and scientific rigour brought to bear on what might be regarded as a highly esoteric or mystical subject. This is very clearly written and presented, and, in the tradition of the best in homoeopathic philosophy, extremely open-minded - allowing that the jury may still be out on whether the scheme of stages is really as suggested - or whether there is more of a fluid mix. What shines through this work is the enthusiasm and dedication of a small band of homoeopaths eager to share their excitement and journey of altruistic self-discovery through the remarkable experience of trituration. Dare to be wise! Dare to triturate!

ISBN: 9780975476321
Author: A. Hogeland/J. Schriebman