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Understanding And Dealing With Heart Disease

sku: BK2035

Very clear account aiming to give basic information to patients, family, and carers about coronary heart disease in particular, and its risk factors.
The heart's basic pumping mechanism is described, together with the pathological processes of arteriosclerosis and hypertension, and how these conditions give rise to various problems affecting the heart.
What to do after a heart attack, and how to deal with angina and heart failure are explored  - as are ways of avoiding problems (eg: through blood pressure management)
Symptoms and signs of heart disease, drugs and tests, the risk of heart disease in other family members, and a full glossary explaining medical terms are included.
If you suffer from heart problems yourself, or have someone in your family who does, you will find this a useful, practical resource.

ISBN: 9781849535571
Author: Dr. K. Souter