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Understanding And Dealing With Stroke

sku: BK2032

A clear and helpful guide, detailing and explaining how a stroke can "Strike', how the brain is thought to function, and the various disabilities that can ensue post-stroke. Risk factors such as salt intake, how sedentary you are, and so on, are described, along with what you or your loved-one can expect in the way of help; for example: rehabilitation, speech therapy, and how to fund a care or nursing home should this be needed. Medications used to treat you or your loved one after a stroke are discussed, along with contraindications. There is a chapter on becoming the carer of a stroke sufferer, detailing possible financial help with this responsibility. A useful director of  resources and glossary of medical terms are included. Helpful  and user-friendly advice.

ISBN: 9781849533904
Author: Dr. K. Souter