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Vaccine Guide Dogs & Cats

sku: bk1531

Very well researched U.S. publication details many cases of immune failure in animals following vaccinations. Now that it has become the fashion to give your pets yearly repeated shots of a whole complex of disease substances all at once, it is hardly surprising that an array of serious chronic disease is now seen to be developing in younger animals: cancer, diabetes, tumours, seizures, arthritis, and so on. "Although we have been using vaccines for more than two centuries, there is still a great deal that we do not know about their safety, efficacy, and duration of immunity. In fact, we are still trying to understand how the immune system functions".... Read the horror story that is unfolding around pet animals of today, who are experiencing terrible health through these repeated assaults on their immune system.

ISBN: 1881217345
Author: C. Diodati/R. Pitcairn