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Vital Approach ( The )

sku: bk1773

Gifted Dutch teacher & homeopath distils her knowledge of the Bombay method into this very clear and well explained book. She will guide you towards understanding ways in which the patient may express his/her experiences via "Level 5" or "The Vital level". This is the way in which the patient experiences him/herself in the world and which, when correctly perceived, provides the key as to the kingdom, ( Animal Vegetable, or Mineral ), and thence, potentially, to the Similimum. She describes the Kingdoms, and the types of language and concerns that point to each; a quick digest of the periodic table, nosode cases, animal remedies - especially the Lac's and Birds - and gives tips on "Receiving" ( as opposed to "Taking" ) the case. Even if you haven't used or are unfamiliar with the Bombay system, this extremely clear and informative book will give you insights into prescribing for the correct kingdom - thereby eliminating quite a few remedies from rubrics. Highy recommended.

ISBN: 9789081001700
Author: A. Vervacke