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Wad Stories

sku: bk2081

This is a homeopathic delight, to be savoured as a voyage of discovery, along with the delicious recipes presented in it. Albatross, (or Diomedes Exulans), is the subject of an informal proving conducted on-board, giving marked themes such as Freedom, Connection and Isolation, and Peace. There are some other interesting and unusual remedies presented here - for example: Aconitum lycoctonum, Sorbus domestica and Cotyledon. Natrum Iodatum is examined with a focus on  issues stemming from the Second World War.
Learn more about the homeopathic interview, case analysis, working with dreams, a special view of the Periodic Table, and remarkable experiences with the homeopathic treatment of animals.
This book offers a unique melange of the lectures given on a homeopathic cruise of the Wad sea in the first year of the new millennium. Illustrated with photographs and recipes consumed, you will get a real flavour of the time!
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(See also BK731)

ISBN: 9074817106
Author: J. Scholten & Others