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Wad Stories 2

sku: bk731

As with  the first "Wad Stories " (See BK. 2081)  this is  an informal account by Dutch homeopaths cruising the Wad  sea  (this time in the summer of 2001). It is composed in  the same style - with recipes and photographs; with interesting information about some new plant remedies such as Oleander and Humulus, and a proving of Hedera helix or common ivy, with its possible themes of  joviality covering deep sadness; of being uprooted, and of the Orphan archetype.
Other plant remedies feature Sumbul, Juglans regia and Coffea, and the three faces of Anacardium.
There is also interesting information from cases covering mineral remedies, such as Calc-iod, Lithium-Sulph, Napthalinum and Lecithin.
On the Veterinary front, there is a discussion of the 2001 European Foot-and-Mouth crisis from a homeopathic perspective.
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ISBN: 9074817149
Author: J. Scholten & Others