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Watson & Son Pure Manuka Honey 10+ 250G

sku: 6005

MANUKA leptospermum scoparium is part of the Tea Tree family. It is very high in Antibacterial activity, the higher the number the stronger the activity.

In the hive the bees add an enzyme called glucose oxidase, which once in the human body & in contact with moisture releases Hydrogen Peroxide at sufficient levels to kill bacteria but not to damage tissue.

The natural antibacterial activity in Manuka honey can support the natural healing of wounds when applied to the skin. It also contains antioxidants that may help with increased vitality & immunity. If taken orally it can help to soothe the throat and digestive tract.

RANGE OF MANUKA ACTIVITY LEVELS. 10+ Maintenance level (recommended for increased vitality & immunity), 15+ Useful level (recommended for high antibacterial activity), 20+ Superior level with very high activity (for specific theraputic use)

Available as 10+ 250g 10+ 500g, 15+ 250g, 15+ 500g, 20+ 250g,

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