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Way To Your  Ideal Weight

sku: bk1852

Overweight people subconsciously feel that they are too light and need grounding ( with food )...Underweight people feel the exact opposite. In this exciting new look at weight problems, the homoeopath author shares her extensive experience with patients. She explains how homoeopathy works alongside diet and other therapies such as colon cleansing and rhythmic breathing. She explains her specific method of case-taking - giving illuminating case examples - and discussing in detail the bowel nosodes and remedies such as Calc-Carb, Graphites, Iodum, Nuphar Luteum, Saccharum Album and Hyoscyamus. Groundbreaking, helpful and non-judgemental - both for patients and practitioners.

ISBN: 9783941706781
Author: R. Sonnenschmidt