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NEW LOWER PRICE! Here are 13 cases homoeopathically treated by renowned homoeopaths such as Rajan Sankaran and Jan Scholten. These include several "Incurable" conditions, touchingly and sensitively depicted  by a homoeopathic physician and his journalist wife. Read  about a paralysed man walking again; a handicapped girl having the  confidence  to perform well  at school; a woman who had been traumatically burned and  unable  to feel her body for years restored to the power of feeling - both in body and soul.  Not  only these, but other heart-warming stories demonstrate the power of homoeopathy to turn people burdened  by grief, depression, loss or despair into happy, hopeful, loving individuals. An inspirational and heart-warming book.

ISBN: 9783939931591
Author: C. Gebhardt / J. Hansel

sku: BK1718