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Wondrous Order Intro.Table of Plants

sku: BK1943

If you would like to see a map to the human condition expressed botanically, then look no further than here! The unfolding Ego, separating and then individuating, as Jung would express it, is shown to correspond to the problems, issues and challenges across the plant kingdom.
The author has studied plants and homeopathy extensively and suggests that the evolution of the plant world parallels  the evolution of the human soul. He cites Jung, Freud, Erikson, and Steiner. This booklet, with pull-out laminated chart, demonstrates a Schema of rows and columns populated by particular plant families. This will help you to choose a plant from a family according to the issues and themes predominant within your patient's story. For example, column 4 is to do with nurturing and maturity, and the fourth row is about not being ready to take such responsibility, which could indicate a plant such as Cyclamen from the Primulaes. A lot of information packed into a very readable and digestible format. This forms as an introduction to his book, not yet published.

ISBN: 9783955820046
Author: M. Yakir

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