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Yoga For A Happy Back

sku: BK2111

Learn how to heal back and spinal problems through Yoga therapy with this unique framework. Combining detailed instruction on evaluation of conditions and treatment techniques with personal narrative and case studies, "Yoga For A Happy Back," bridges the gap between practising yoga for better physical health and understanding the role of the mind-body connection in back pain.
Utilising her vast experience as a physical and yoga therapist and the latest advances in the field of yoga therapy, Rachel Krentzman advises how to design therapeutic yoga classes for individuals with back pain of all forms. She includes information on creating class themes and never before published sequences from the Purna yoga tradition for alignment-based treatment of specific spinal conditions. With over 300 photos and illustrations, teachers can access the benefits of yoga therapy for the treatment of orthopaedic conditions and to promote general spinal health.

ISBN: 9781848192713
Author: R. Krentzman