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This bestseller, (revised but first published in 1984), is written by an Australian vet - who recovered from terminal cancer with just 2 weeks' life expectancy. His pragmatic and compassionate approach will guide you through the many aspects of your own journey with cancer - from the physical through mind and spirit. On the physical level, he explains how cancer arises as a result of the immune system's failure to recognise the cancerous nature of abnormal cells as they arise - which it normally does, and how, therefore, recovery from cancer is a matter of  re-stimulating the body's natural immunity. He explores the importance of training the mind to emotional health, through meditation and exercise, and gives detailed advice on nutrition and detox - using Gerson, Vitamin C etc. He does not shy away from the difficult possibility of death -incorporating a very full chapter on death and the dying process - with advice on how to meet your death in the most positive way possible, and how your loved ones can assist you after that moment. A classic and very comprehensive guide.

ISBN: 9780855724108
Author: I. Gawler

sku: bk1894

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