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Your Blood Never Lies

sku: BK2047

Blood tests will tell you what's "Normal", and most people are relieved at this and get on with their lives as before. Major chronic illnesses, however, develop over years, with minor imbalances evolving into serious abnormalities. This U.S. clinical pharmacist/nutritionist  tells you not only how to interpret a blood test, but, in some cases, patterns that may indicate whether you are at risk for certain conditions in the future. Pre-diabetic conditions, for example, can be present even when an individual's blood is technically "Normal".
This book interprets the complexity of the blood test for you, indicating where levels of certain markers need intervention, and describes lifestyle changes including diet and exercise, supplements and orthodox medication (the latter obviously as advised by your own medical Doctor). It is divided into 6 parts, reflecting the structure of a blood test: Lipid , Basic metabolic , Hepatic Function, Complete blood count, Hormones, and Optional Tests (eg: Homocysteine and Magnesium). Very comprehensive, clear and empowering.

ISBN: 9780757003509
Author: J. Lavalle Rph, CCN