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Leading consultant gynaecologist and award-winning health journalist team up to produce this overview of the menopause. In it you will learn about what actually causes this natural process; the advisability of  avoiding HRT if at all possible - and a host of natural, holistic DIY or health-practitioner-based complementary approaches you can pursue instead. Sub-titled, "The integrated approach to feeling and looking good through the menopause and beyond, it certainly lives up to its claim. Here you  will find statistical evidence of the dangers and side-effects of HRT - including when it might be necessary to consider it as an option; a menu of nutritional, supplementary, exercise and creative activities to help with, for example, hot flushes, weight gain, depression and bereavement issues. This is a very compact yet extremely informative, clear and helpful guide for anyone at any stage of the menopause.

ISBN: 9780340828861
Author: M. Dooley / S. Stacey

sku: BK1875