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Cancer is  not a  disease - It's  a  survival mechanism. In response  to toxicity (emotional and/or physical) that can  build up over a long  time - a  tumour develops. This prevents further toxicity (and  cancer cells) from spreading  to vital areas such as the lung, brain, kidneys, etc. When  it is safe for the immune system to  break up  this tumorous mass, it will do so. Invasive procedures such as radio- and chemo-therapy break up the tumour prematurely, encouraging the cancer to spread. The author explores the root causes  of cancer and suggests non-suppressive treatments to help support the immune system. A hopeful, inspiring, and empowering book - examining a fearful "Disease" from an entirely new perspective, which brings  sanity and the concept of total healing into an arena where there is much confusion and doubt.

ISBN: 9780976794424
Author: A. Moritz

sku: bk2058