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Healing & Health  with Homeopathic Color & Sound Remedies

sku: BK2173

In this fascinating work on the use of colour and sound in homeopathic prescribing, the author explores her contention that colour and sound remedies, being pure energy, stimulate the energy of a chakra more immediately - balancing our core energy very quickly.
She describes the chakra system and the auric levels which surround us - commenting on some outstanding results amongst colleagues treating addiction as well as severely handicapped/ autistic children - using the colour and sound remedies.
Describing these remedies as somewhere between Flower essences and conventional homeopathic remedies, she emphasises their use alongside other treatment to help with energy states such as fatigue, exhaustion, confusion or anger.
Whilst colour remedies impact more on the physical (or etheric) layer,  sound remedies affect  the emotional (or astral) layer of the aura.
Describing colour remedies alone, she goes on to examine the use of colour and sound remedies together: for example, Yellow will help energise the Solar Plexus, toning its organs, and bringing more of a sense of mastery in difficult situations, whilst the sound remedy E helps the mind towards clarity about issues of self-worth.
Many cases are given, and there is a discussion of "The Chord" (using all the sound remedies combined as one).
A very user-friendly table at the back summarises the  physical and emotional/mental symptoms of the combined colour and sound remedies.
Inspiring work to help any homeopath or therapist consciously working within the chakra system.

ISBN: 9781543908084
Author: A. Wauters