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sku: BK2050

Gifted and insightful French homeopathic paediatrician (sadly killed in a road accident) describes sixty remedies from her clinical observations of babies and young children. Bold typeface highlights keynote aspects, and there are both unusual remedies (eg: Chocolate, Gingko, Peregrine Falcon, Ozone) as well as aspects of well-known remedies that may be unfamiliar. To give an example of the latter, Le-Roux draws attention to  two types of Calc-carb student: one hardworking and slow with average grades, the other with very good grades through hard work alone, not being especially intellectual. Main clinical indications are given as keynotes, with the most important one/s highlighted.
She gives lively, clear descriptions of how the child may present both at home and in the clinic. For example, the Peregrine falcon child can be "Mean, dictatorial and even cruel; he can bite from pure rage...No sense of danger. At other times lacks all confidence in himself...Bipolar"
These brilliant vignettes will help you enormously in selecting the right remedy for the children in your practice.

ISBN: 9783955820084
Author: P. Le Roux