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Homeopathy And ADHD

sku: BK2076

If you regularly treat children with ADD or ADHD, then this book is a must! Swiss Paediatrician author, Heiner Frei, has developed "Polarity Analysis" - a highly efficient and systematic approach for the treatment of Hyperactive children.
This new method is based on Boenninghausen's Therapeutic Pocket Book, using polar symptoms such as amelioration or aggravation as cornerstones of the prescription.
The author was able to demonstrate the efficacy of this specific homeopathic treatment
in ADHD children in a controlled five-year clinical study, which is documented in this book.
This system highlights the importance of certain disturbances in perception (eg: visual or tactile). These are the most reliable symptoms for case analysis; their modalities are crucial for the evaluation of cases, and they also rule out contraindicated remedies.
There are a number of interesting case studies demonstrating how effective this approach can be.
The method is easy to understand, each chapter being followed by concise quizzes with answers. The book contains questionnaires developed for polarity analysis and uses the Conners' Global Index (CGI) as an efficient means to evaluate case progress. There is also a unique materia medica that highlights perception symptoms and their grades with accompanying notes from Hering, Guernsy, Lippe and Hahnemann.
"Polarity Analysis" has remarkably quickly become a valuable tool for many practitioners. It shortens the time needed to find the simillimum, achieving an astonishing hit-rate of 75% in children with ADHD.

ISBN: 9783955820756
Author: H. Frei