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Homeopathy And Autism Spectrum Disorder

sku: BK1945

Written by a homeopath who has been treating children on the ASD spectrum for many years. He examines the  different approaches adopted by experienced professional homeopaths, evaluating their successes, and interviews many practitioners about the systems they adopt. He further evaluates the success of homeopathy as compared  to a biomedical approach, including various forms of diet/ nutritional therapy. What emerges is a well-balanced and informative overview, advancing many cases where children have been enormously helped with homeopathy, whilst acknowledging the need for further research, and stressing that the homeopathic approach may not help everyone. This is designed for the professional homeopath as well as for the  concerned parent wishing to know more about how homeopathy might help their child.

ISBN: 9781848191686
Author: M. Andrews