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Insects - Escaping The Earth

sku: bk1646

Insects escape the shame & dirt of earth to seek the sky. Discover the many & varied ways in which they achieve this via 24 different & enthralling species presented here. These are: Enallagma Carunuclatum (Damselfly), Mantis Religiosa (Praying Mantis), Blatta O. & Blatta A. (Resp. American & Asian Cockroach). Pediculus Capitis (Head Louse),Bombyx Processionea (Procession Moth), Inachis io (Peacock Butterfly), Lepidoptera Saturniidae (Imperial Moth), Pieris Brassicae (Large Cabbage White Butterfly), Limenitis Bredowi Californica (California Sister Butterfly), Culex Musca (Mosquito), Musca Domestica (Housefly), Pulex irritans (Human Flea), Cantharis Ves. (Spanish Fly), Coccinella Sep.(Ladybird), Doryphora Dec. (Colorado Beetle), Lamprohiza splendidula (Firefly) Apis Mell (Honey Bee), Vespa (Wasp), Galla Quercina Ruber (Oak Gall Wasp), Formica Rufa (Ant), Aphis Chen (Aphid), Cimex Lect (Bedbug), Coccus Cacti (Cochineal)

ISBN: 9781874581185
Author: P. Fraser