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Meditative Provings (Vol 1)

sku: bk245

Remedies covered: Amethyst, Ayahuasca, Bay Leaf, Berlin Wall, Blue, Caesium, Chalcancite, Chalice Well, Chestnut Tree Red Flower, Chestnut Tree White Flower, Clay, Conium Mac, Copper Beech, Earthworm, Emerald, Ether, Goldfish, Green, Holly, Hornbeam, Jade, Jet, Lac Humanum, Lotus, Medorrhinum Americana, Mimosa, Moldavite, Moonstone, Oak, Obsidian, Okoubaka, Peridot, Plutonium, Purple, Rainbow, Red, Rhodocrosite, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sea Holly, Sea Salt, Sequoia, Silverfish, Spectrolite, Stonehenge, Strawberry, Strontium, Sycamore Seed, Tiger's Eye, Viscum Album, Willow, & Yellow. 52 new, meditatively - proved remedies as taught by the Guild of Homeopaths. These were collectively meditated on, most of the information being channelled. Some physical symptoms were actually experienced during the group; dreams soon before or after each group are also included in the provings. The book includes an index listing general and organ affinities, plus cancer and chakra charts for ease of reference. Extremely useful to the open-minded.

ISBN: 0953888002
Author: M. Evans