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Monera (Bact. & Viruses Spectrum Vol 1)

sku: bk1466

Does for the microbial world what Vermeulen is already well known for in Synoptic 2 and Prisma; only this time he gives a painstakingly comprehensive account of Bacteria and Viruses, categorising them into familial groups, with key features illustrated. A detailed Materia Medica,( bringing together journal articles; his own & others' cases, & any additional info. ), is included wherever available - throwing further light on shadowy figures like Diphtherinum, Variolinum, Streptococcus, Varicella, Morbillinum & all the bowel nosodes, to name but a few. Beautifully presented in hardback. Carries a complete glossary of terms and a comprehensive index, enhancing the clarity and user-friendliness of this complex, useful and fascinating subject.

ISBN: 9076189153
Author: F. Vermeulen