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Pocket Manual of Homeopathic Materia Medica

sku: BK2000

Boericke's classic Materia Medica, now revised and up-dated in this 2012 edition,  to include some of the new remedies (eg: the Lac's and the Lanthanides, AIDS, Lapis Lazuli, Neon). A repertory standardised to follow the layout of the complete repertory, with which students are more familiar, plus information relating to colours, for those who use this system developed in Germany. There is also Scholten's periodic table of the elements, and a list of plant families, as well as an index of common and scientific names of remedies. A fantastic amount of information has been distilled into this small, lightweight, pocket(ish) new Boericke. Great value!

ISBN: 9783941706750
Author: W. & O. Boericke