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Sea Remedies

sku: bk1747

This is a Materia Medica with a difference, drawing its poetic resonance from Baudelaire and others.

Beautifully written and stunningly illustrated, it "Is intended to delight the senses and inspire the imagination, connecting you to the wonder of sea life visually as well as through the written word".

The evolution of the 5 senses is reflected in the evolution of creatures within the sea - where synaesthesia, (a crossover of the senses, where colour, for example, may be experienced as sound), is common.

The author examines through the lens of each of the senses the many different ways in which individual sea remedies express or experience vision, taste, etc. For example, visually, Pearl finds herself focussing on people's eyes, has a feeling of being stared at, and dreams of "Big eyes staring at me".

A complete Materia Medica is included, laid out according to species, and there is a thematic repertory at the back.

This is a book to ravish all 5 of your senses and, as a user-friendly desk reference, will enable you to perceive your patient's remedy through the vivid language of his/her own expressive senses.

ISBN: 9789076189239
Author: J. Evans